Thanksgiving Day – Christmas Day, 2021

“Everesting” has become part of the global cycling vernacular. It’s a fairly simple concept, yet brutally challenging: Pick any hill, anywhere in the world, and climb it repeatedly, until you reach the height of Mt. Everest at 29,032′.

The pros have been at it for years. The current record is 6:40:54, held by Ronan McLaughlin. That’s just INSANE.

How about a challenge for us mere mortals?

You have 29 days to climb 29,032′. You can do a non-stop sufferfest; a quad-busting weekend; or take your time and smell the wildflowers.

HOW DOES IT WORK? These are the Rules.

1.  “Register” for the Challenge using the link below. When you sign up online, you automatically create a RunSignUp profile which enables you to upload and manage your climbing results. Please do not set your profile to “anonymous,” or we’ll be unable to see your results. If you use the email waiver form, we’ll set up your registration but you’ll have to login and finish your profile.

2.  Request to join the Everesting Challenge Strava Club so we can encourage each other, give kudos and be inspired!  We’ll also spot-check total climbing totals each week to make sure everyone submits legit results to RunSignUp. If you’re not yet on Strava, please join! It’s FREE!

3. Join our Mt. Everest Climbing Challenge Facebook group to post photos of your favorite climbs and of your smiling faces at the top!

4.  Between Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day, climb, climb, climb!

5.  Submit your daily activities to our Everesting Challenge Results on RunSignUp (link posted soon), and post your rides to Strava.  You’ll receive an email with specific instructions on how to post to RunSignUp; and/or you can read the instructions here.

6.  Acceptable bikes:  Any and all exclusively human powered two-wheeled bicycles. Sorry, no e-bikes/pedal assist for this one.

7.  Acceptable indoor-apps:  We’re okay with any of them, so long as you’re using a direct-drive smart trainer and are being honest regarding your weight.

8.  If you previously “Everested”  and just wish to purchase the jersey, event registration will have an option for just the jersey. You must send us a strava link or other proof that you did it – and it had to be in ONE RIDE.


1.  Everyone who “Everests” earns the Everesting Jersey by Blackbottoms Cyclewear; and you may purchase the matching shorts/bibs.  Our design includes Tibetan prayer flags: Blue for sky, white for air, red for fire, green for water and yellow for earth.  Traditionally, prayer flags are used to promote peace, compassion, strength, and wisdom. Tibetans believe the prayers and mantras are blown by the wind to spread good will and compassion into all pervading space.

Jerseys are ordered at the end of the Challenge and delivered as soon as we have them (usually 7-8 weeks).

Please choose your size wisely. We’re happy to help.**  Jerseys are special ordered for finishers only. 

Race cut are euro-style, tight fitting. Club cut is more relaxed. 

**Jerseys are special ordered for each finisher of this Challenge. We do not inventory Everesting jerseys. If you need help choosing a size, we’re happy to help. Send us an email with your height and weight.  It’s important that we get the size right, as we’re unable to exchange once we ship it to you if it doesn’t fit.

2.  Digital racer bib to post to your social media or download and print to put in a prominent space as encouragement and motivation.

3.  To celebrate your successes as you climb higher and higher, you’ll earn milestone badges along the way: Base Camp- 17,700′; Ice Fall- 20,000′; Lhotse Wall- 22,300′; Death Zone- 26,250′; Summit- 29,032′.

4.  Up and OVER? How many times can you Summit in 29 days? Be immortalized in our Everesting Hall of Fame (see below) and earn badges for Double Summit- 58,064′ or Triple Summit- 87,096!

5.  Planet Ultra will provide lots of support, motivation, kudos and accolades for your climbing efforts; cheering you on the entire way!

6. The person with the most accumulated elevation gain will receive a special Everesting KOM award.

7. Everyone who “Everests” in a single day, in under 150 miles, will get an Everesting window sticker and be entered into a drawing to win their choice of either a FREE 2022 Planet Ultra single-day event entry or 30% discount for solo Hoodoo 500 entry.

8. Everyone who completes the Everesting Challenge will be entered into a drawing to win a FREE Planet Ultra single-day event entry.

Entry Fee:  Cycling – $119
Includes Everesting jersey for everyone who climbs at least 29,032′ in 29 days.

Jersey Only:  $85 includes tax and shipping.

Use the Climb Everest button to register with RunSignUp and pay by credit card (includes a small service fee). To pay by Venmo or Zelle, download and email this form. The email addresses for Venmo and Zelle are at the bottom of the form.


Double or Triple Summit to Claim Your Spot in Our EVERESTING HALL OF FAME

Andrew Gustafson, 80, Ojai, CA, Dec 2020:  111,358′  (At 80 years old!!! That’s nearly 4 summits!)

Jim Campbell, 65, Corona, CA, Sept 2021: 100,524′

Gerardo Olalia, 52, Daly City, CA, Oct 2020:  94,613′

Christine Sublett, 53, San Mateo, CA, Oct 2020:  87,568′

Maria Cristina Suarez, 34, Daly City, CA, Dec 2020:  84,230′

William Michael, 67, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada, Sep 2021:  80,476′

Glenn Zara, 41, South San Francisco, CA, Oct 2020:  79,668′

Graham Rae, 65, Waunkee, WI, Mar 2021: 77,880′

Wendy Watson, 76, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA, Nov 2020: 72,824′

Bryan Clark, 54, Draper, UT, Oct 2020:  69,922′

Cindy Wang, 37, Irvine, CA, Oct 2020:  66,751′

Rob Burns, 56, El Dorado Hills, CA, Oct 2020, 66,120′

Dino Marco Blue Suarez, 37, Daly City, CA, Dec 2020:  66,021′

Rose Hewig, 55, Volatie, NY, Oct 2020:  65,095

Wayne Hunter, 74, Clovis, CA, Sep 2021:  63,335

Robert Garro, 56, Rancho Santa Margarita, CA, Oct 2020:  63,003

Kathleen House, 69, Long Beach, CA, Nov 2020:  62,651′

Tami Kerns, 51, Yucaipa, CA, Oct 2020:  61,211′

Chad Fischer, 54, Santa Monica, CA, Mar 2021: 60,447′

Steven Morton, 54, O’Fallon, IL, Dec 2020: 60,248′

Greg Kirkpatrick, 63, Olympia, WA, Oct 2020:  58,976′

Rica Enrile, 39, San Leandro, CA, Mar 2021:  58,870′

Froylan Pulido, 58, Chowchilla, CA, Nov 2020:  58,686′

Eric Korevaar, 62, La Jolla, CA, May 2021:  58,511 (on an Elliptigo!)