What Is (and Isn’t) Planet Ultra?
We’re a grass-roots, non-corporate endurance event production company. We host niche, super tough events; catering to the primarily hard-core segment of the cycling community that loves a challenge and comes for the ride, not the hoopla. Planet Ultra ministers to those who come for the sheer delight of cycling. Please don’t expect a shopping expo, start/finish line hoopla, lots of giveaways/swag, or other things you might find at the giant events with thousands of riders and big money sponsors. We’re not that.  We exist simply for the joy and love of riding bicycles.

How Planet Ultra Works
Our Mission is to create for you fun and challenging endurance cycling events in the Southwest (CA, NV, UT). We strive to challenge you physically, mentally and spiritually, in an environment of friendly camaraderie, personal connection and community among motivated and adventurous athletes. We encourage you to push farther and harder; to get stronger, fitter, faster, healthier. On Planet Ultra, your bodies and your bicycles are both a means of transportation and a tool for self-discovery while exploring the whole panorama of roads, places, sights and sounds that the great outdoors offers.

Planet Ultra events are destination events, usually in fairly remote locations far from our home base in Washington, Utah. We’re not a cycling club with members to draw upon for event staff. When we host an event, we do all the planning, permitting, shopping and packing in advance and then transport everything, and everyone who is helping, to the remote location where the event takes place. So please be patient and understanding with our staff. We’re really stoked when everybody has a good attitude and especially appreciate when people pitch in and help at the events.

Yes, we have to have them.  Click here for information and rules about our Double Centuries. Click here for all other distances.