NOVEMBER 20, 2021*

Century, Metric Century & Half Century Options!

Click here for photos from our 2018 event. We will have our photographer on route again in 2019.

Entry Fees*:
Until November 17th or event sells out: $148.
* If you’re able to recruit an event volunteer, please email us before signing up and we’ll give you a coupon code to use during registration for an instant 50% off. For helping, the volunteer receives a credit for 50% off a future Planet Ultra single-day event. If the volunteer is a non-rider then YOU may use that credit. So you get two nice deals: An instant discount for promising to bring a volunteer, and 50% discount on your next event.

Entry includes three fully stocked checkpoints along the route with water and a great selection of food and snacks; roving SAG support; Death Valley Century tech tee and finisher award (guaranteed for those who sign up at least 30 days in advance); per rider donation to both Death Valley Natural History Association and Life Sports Foundation.

*Due to strict permit requirements imposed by Death Valley National Park, entry fees are higher than our standard century event pricing. In addition to expensive permit fees required by NPS and Cal Trans, Planet Ultra must hire an ambulance and also at pay hourly fees for 2 National Park Service Ranger Monitors for the duration of the event. With the 300-rider limit, the per person cost is much, much greater. To make this event possible, we do have to charge more. We think it’s worth it!

Please read our registration and cancellation policies; and everything below before signing up. Our DVNP permit imposes various restrictions and requires that we enforce very strict rules. We need all participants to understand and agree to respect and abide by the rules of this event.

Click the SignUp bottom to register online and pay by credit card (which includes a small service fee). You may also use that button to view the registered rider list. Please read our cancellation policy before registering. We highly suggest purchasing the event cancellation insurance.

Due to the restricted rider-limit and the cost to host this event, we’re unable to accept volunteer coupons for this event. 

Jerseys are to available to purchase during registration until September 1st. Thereafter you may purchase for $80 at the event and we’ll mail it to you when they’re ready.

Host Hotel: 
The Oasis At Death Valley (formerly Furnace Creek Ranch).  As of Oct 9, SOLD OUT FOR 2021. Our group rate is $155 per night (plus resort fees/taxes) for a standard room with two queens.  Call (760) 786-2345 and notify the agent that you are booking under block code Planet Ultra Bicycle – 998221. The discount expires October 18th so please make your reservations early.  For those who prefer to camp, The Ranch has a private RV Resort and campground; and there are 9 National Park Service campgrounds ranging from full hookups to primitive.

Alternative hotel locations:  Stovepipe Wells (25 miles); Death Valley Junction (30 miles); Beatty, NV (40 miles); Pahrump, NV (60 miles).  Drive times will be 30 minutes to an hour from these locations; and hotel pricing much less than in the National Park.

Start / Finish Location:  Riders will stage from dirt lot adjacent to Hwy 190 at the South Exit of the Furnace Creek Ranch/Oasis.

Check In:
Friday night from 6:30-9pm at Furnace Creek Ranch/Oasis on patio behind room 401, facing the lawn. 

Start Times:
7am wave starts of 20 riders in increments 2 minutes (based on recommendations by Death Valley National Park staff)

Time Limit:
8 hours – based on the earliest start at 7am. All riders must be off the course by 3pm.
Strict cut-off at Furnace Creek Aid Station at mile 54 (required by DVNP permit): Century riders must leave the Furnace Creek Aid Station no later than 11:15am.

Ride Description:  This epic route is both scenic and challenging, covering 100 miles with about 4,500′ climbing. The first 55 miles is an out and back to Badwater and beyond. The next 46 miles include a challenging 6.5 mile, 2000′ climb up Daylight Pass (Mud Canyon) to Hells Gate and back via Beatty Road.

Route Sheets and GPS Files:
Please note that advance route sheets and gps files are provided as a courtesy and you use them at your own risk. Planet Ultra doesn’t guarantee accuracy. Please further note the following very important caveats:

  1. The ROUTE SHEET is gospel. Whenever the route sheet and the GPS unit disagree, the route sheet is correct.
  2. A GPS can (and will) route a rider over a cliff. There’s really no substitute for the human brain, so please use yours.
  3. Never depend solely on a GPS. Bring your route sheet, and know how to follow it.
  4. GPS batteries on many “bicycle” GPS units may not last for a century. Make sure you’ve arranged for additional power.
  5. Click here to see the 100-mile route (which includes aid station locations). The 50-mile route is simply the first half. Click here for the Metric Century. You may also download GPS files from this site.

Routing and Navigation:
Planet Ultra route sheets include lots of information to help riders navigate the course. For example, we tell you if a turn is at a stop sign (SS), traffic light (TL) or T-intersection (T-int). We know that riders prefer course markings; but Death Valley National Park does not allow it. Besides, there are only 7 turns on the entire route – several of which are at T-intersections where it’s obvious! If you are particularly navigationally challenged, please get a GPS and download the route!

Aid Station Edibles: 
At each aid station in addition to water of course, you’ll find a variety of snacks to keep you energized. Generally speaking we offer Clif bars, fruit/nut bars, fig bars and the like. We often have PBJ sandwiches at one station and trail mix or other salty snack at another. Everything is pre-packaged as required by the health department; and portable so you can eat on the go and put something in your jersey pocket for later. 

In addition to the “general rules” posted for all Planet Ultra events, our DVNP permit requires that we provide the information printed in red below.  Given that Death Valley has only recently re-opened its doors to cycling events, it’s especially important for each of us to ride safely, legally, and respectfully to ensure that we’ll be welcome back for years to come.

Special events are only permitted by Death Valley National Park when there is a meaningful association between the Park and the event, and the event will contribute to visitor understanding, significance and appreciation of the Park.

All riders must carry at all times while cycling personal identification and personal emergency contact information.

Please wear a high visibility, colorful jersey. All black or mostly black cycling kits are prohibited.

All riders must obey traffic laws, including coming to a complete stop at stop signs.

All riders must wear at all times while cycling a properly fitted bicycle helmet.

All riders must wear at all times while cycling the pink wristband provided at check-in.

All riders must attach to their bicycle a red non-blinking tail-light which must be ON at all times while cycling.

Please ride single file at all times, as far to the right as possible. Cycling side-by-side is allowed only when passing a slower rider.  Only one rider may pass another ride at a time.

When stopping for any reason, please be sure your bicycle is completely off the road.

LEAVE NO TRACE: Absolutely no littering. If you inadvertently drop trash while cycling, please stop and pick it up. If you change a flat, please leave nothing on the ground. Dispose of your punctured tube at an aid station or at the finish. Please use toilets along the route or at aid stations only. No public urination please.

WE ARE HERE AS AMBASSSADORS OF CYCLING: Please show kindness and respect to your fellow cyclists and also to other visitors of the park and all park staff.  We are here sharing the park, and the road, with other people who have also come to Death Valley to enjoy the beauty of the natural and historic locations within the Park. Please tread lightly when using public facilities.

In light of the above, please note that the event will not be timed. Timing an event connotes “racing,” which interferes with the purpose/goal/intention of the event, which is to enjoy and appreciate the natural beauty of the Park. Take your time. Enjoy the scenery. Stop and take photos.

Personal SAG Vehicles:
Not allowed! If you bring one, you’ll be disqualified from the event without warning. The definition of a personal SAG is any vehicle (motor or otherwise), anywhere on the route, operated by someone other than Planet Ultra staff, that is providing any type of aid, assistance, or motivation, or taking photographs, or simply out cheering. Please understand that our permits simply don’t allow dozens of extra vehicles on the roads or at the checkpoint locations. Imagine the traffic from all those cars! If you’re bringing someone with you who wants to be out on the course, please have them contact us and join our volunteer staff.

We always need volunteers! Click here for info about available positions.