Pine Valley, CA – April 26, 2025
On Hiatus for 2024 – Sorry!
Route Change: Loop #1 Counter-Clockwise!

We’ve ridden the route and LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! It has all the makings of a Classic: Tough climbs, beautiful descents, unpaved roads, a section closed to traffic. WE’RE SO EXCITED for you to come out and join us!

Get ready for a truly epic Planet Ultra adventure! 
Starting in Pine Valley (East San Diego County), you’ll will tackle Mt. Laguna as many as three times, each from a different side, with increasing difficulty and more “interesting” terrain. After summiting Mt. Laguna each time, the descents are non-technical with smooth pavement and a decent shoulder.
Choose 1, 2 or all 3 loops!
Loop 1 feels like business as usual. A clock-wise route with nice pavement and reasonable grades. No double digit pitches.  45 miles with 4227′ climbing; then you descend back to Pine Valley.
Loop 2 gets a bit tougher and your quads will remind you that this is a big day! Ascending Kitchen Creek, you’ll come to a “road closed” gate that you’ll either climb over or limbo under to proceed up the car-free road. The road gets steeper and the pavement narrower as the desert attempts to swallow up and erase all signs of humanity.  About 33 miles with 3800′ climbing.
Loop 3 might just make you cry. Pine Creek is very steep, and small portions are unpaved. Most of us mere mortals will, in several places, wind up pushing our bikes instead of riding them (seriously) for short distances. A very steep, narrow, curvy, bumpy descent will turn your knuckles white. On Pine Creek you might find yourself repeating silently, Rule #5 …  And then you’re done, back on Sunrise Highway enjoying the scenery, and the last push to the summit where you’ll bask in the glory of completing over 11,000′ on this truly EPIC ride. It’s all downhill from here! About 26 miles with 2940′ climbing, then a sweet descent back to Pine Valley.

General Information and Ride Rules – Please Read!

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2024 Entry Fees*: 
The Whole Shebang! All 3 Loops:  Until April 20th-  $139
Late Registration: April 21 – noon April 26: Make an online reservation and pay $150 at check-in.

2 Loops:  Until April 20th-  $129
Late Registration: April 21 – noon April 26: Make an online reservation and pay $140 at check-in.

1 Loop:  Until April 20th-  $109
Late Registration: April 21 – noon April 26: Make an online reservation and pay $120 at check-in.

Registration closes at noon Friday, April 26. This is event is held in a fairly remote location. Because there is no place close to purchase supplies, we must plan food/water in advance. NO REGISTRATION on site. 

Entry includes a super fun and challenging cycling adventure; chip timing with results posted online; fully stocked checkpoints along the route with a large selection of snacks and drinks; roving SAG support (where possible); per rider donation our charity partner, Life Sports Foundation.  Due to lead-times to create event swag we’re unable to provide participation awards/gifts for this event. Instead, we will make a greater donation to Life Sports Foundation.

*Due to permit requirements imposed by National Forest Service and San Diego County, entry fees are higher than our standard century event pricing. With a 150-rider limit, the per person cost to host is much, much greater. To make this event possible, we do have to charge a little more. We think it’s worth it!

Please read our registration and cancellation policies.

* If you’re able to recruit an event volunteer, please email us before signing up and we’ll give you a coupon code for an instant 30% off.

Registration for the 2025 event will open New Year’s Eve.
Use the SignUp bottom to register online and pay by credit card (which includes a small service fee).

Please read our event rules and our cancellation policy before registering.

Start / Finish (Parking) Location:
Pine Valley County Park, 28810 Old Hwy 80, Pine Valley, CA 91962.  Please carpool if possible. 

Places To Stay:
Lots of options in Alpine and El Cajon, about 20-30 minutes away. There’s one tiny motel in Pine Valley (Pine Valley Inn) which rarely has rooms, but you can try. 

Pine Valley County Park, 28810 Old Hwy 80. To the extent possible, please carpool with your riding buddies!

Rider Check-In:   6:00am-7:15am at Pine Valley Community Park

Start Times:  There will be 3 “mass starts.” Please choose your time based on the guidelines below. Aid station opening/closing times will be based on riders leaving at appropriate times. Please, if you’re a fast rider, wait until 7:30am.
7am:  Riders needing 8.5-9.5 hours
7:15am:  7.5-8.5 hours
7:30am:  Under 7 hours

Mid-Course Cut Offs:  You must leave Pine Valley Community Park no later than 2:15pm to start the final loop.

Time Limit:   For an official finish you must complete loop 3 and cross the finish line up on Mt. Laguna by 4:30pm.

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