Please read the information on the event page and on the general Information page before signing up for an event. We’ve done our best to be super specific about what you may expect from us, and what we expect from you in return.

Important! Please Read Everything!

Entry fees are non-refundable and may not be deferred. However, you may purchase during online registration event insurance for a small premium amounting to 8.1% of your registration fees. The insurance will reimburse 100% of your entry fee if you’re unable to attend the event due to numerous situations, including required to work. Click here to read more about event cancellation and insurance. We strongly encourage you to take advantage of the event insurance. Because our fixed costs related to planning and preparing for the events are so large, and the price of the insurance is so small, we will no longer offer any rollovers or credits. PLEASE purchase the event insurance. The cost is very small compared to the overall expenses of attending a weekend race.

• Registration is available online via the link on each event web. Up to two weeks before an event you may pay via Venmo or Zelle (Click here for instructions to do that). Event Insurance is not available with mail-in registration.

• We ride rain or shine.

• Entries are non-transferable.

• Event entry fees are listed on the individual event pages and are sometimes tiered based on proximity to the event. For double century riders, late entry is made by making an online reservation and bringing the late entry fee in cash only to the event. When you make a late reservation, we do expect you to participate.

• If you miss the standard or late registration periods, we will on occasion allow sign-ups within 48 hours of the event. Last minute entry for double centuries is $200.

• Volunteer Ride Vouchers must be redeemed within the early registration period, and cannot be used for late reservations. Ride vouchers are same as cash – if you lose it, it’s gone. Vouchers must be used with the email-in form.

• There is no registration at the event, either Friday or Saturday. You will not be allowed to ride unless you have pre-registered – meaning your name is on the event roster on the website – or you have a confirmed online (cash-only) reservation.

• We don’t mail any info, results, or entry confirmation before or after the event. You’ll receive via email a confirmation of your entry immediately after you complete registration (if you don’t get an email, it likely means you didn’t actually complete the registration process). This is an Internet-based organization, so you must have web access to learn about an event, register, view results, etc.

DISASTER POLICY:  If an act of God/Terrorism/Community Disaster/Governmental Shutdown or other unforeseen act of Bureaucracy occurs, preventing the event from happening, what actions are taken?

1. The event will be cancelled and participants notified as quickly as possible.
2. Affected participants will have first right to sign up for that event next year.
3. If the event is permanently cancelled, entry fees may be transferred to another event of the participant’s choice.
4. Depending on the particular situation, partial refunds or vouchers may be issued; but are not promised.
5. Financial: Planet Ultra cannot accept the risk of a disaster for everyone. Each participant must accept the risk of losing his or her entry fee or other incidental expenses related to participating in the event. PLANET ULTRA DOES NOT PROMISE REFUNDS or VOUCHERS  for other future rides. Entry fees are spent in advance to prepare for the event.

• Planet Ultra reserves the right to cancel an event for any reason. If an event is cancelled for reasons other than a disaster/act of god/terrorism/bureaucracy, Planet Ultra may refund entry fees, or provide a voucher to each registered participant.

Mailing Address
If you download the registration form instead of paying online, please mail your check within the early registration deadline to the address below:

Planet Ultra, Inc.
250 N. Red Cliffs Drive 4B, #394
St. George, UT 84790


**Planet Ultra for any reason may require online payments for late entries to avoid non-payment for no-shows.