520 MILES – 35,000′ CLIMBING

Elite:  August 1-14, 2024
Standard:  August 1-21, 2024


HOW DOES IT WORK? These are the Guidelines:

  • “Register” for HOODOO 500 Virtual Race using the link below. When you sign up, you automatically create a RunSignUp profile which enables you to upload and manage your results.
  • “Elite” racers have 14 days – August 1-14, “Standard” riders have 21 days – August 1-21, to complete 520 miles. Those miles must include a minimum of 35,000′ of climbing. There’s no benefit to more climbing; the mileage is what matters. But you can’t NOT do the climbing. So plan your routes well.  The goal is to finish 520 miles with 35,000′ climbing in the least amount of time. What counts is ELAPSED time, not moving time; just like a real race!
  • There are two categories in each Division: Outside, in the real world, or Indoors on a direct-drive smart trainer using an app like Zwift or Rouvy (and being honest about your weight).  Either but not both. 
  • You may ride any distance, any day, and as many times per day as you wish. You may compete in “real” races or events while completing this race. You create your own race strategy. But no drafting please. 

WHAT DO I HAVE TO DO? These are the Rules (so consider each paragraph to begin with “You MUST”):

  • Do your darnedest to ride 520 miles with 35,000′ of climbing within the Elite or Standard division time frame, in the least amount of elapsed time. You must stop logging when you reach 520 miles, even if you miss the climbing requirement. If you didn’t make the climbing within the 520 miles, well, you’ll be listed as DNF in results. Sorry. (So don’t do that.)
  • Live-record each ride with a GPS device or your indoor app and upload the activity to Strava daily. Yes, Strava is required so that we can create a centralized group for the race and have a mechanism for Planet Ultra, and your fellow competitors, to keep tabs on all racers and give lots of kudos! Please include photos and a fun description of your activity.
  • Join our private Hoodoo 500 VR club on Strava, so we can easily monitor one another.  Please note: Your Strava account must be your real name, at least for the duration of the race, and your activities must be set so “everyone” can see them.
  • After every ride, your ELAPSED (not moving) time, mileage and elevation gain must also be logged in your RunSignUp results. Please include in the notes for each result a link to the matching Strava activity so we can spot check that they match 100%.  You’ll receive an email with specific instructions on how to post to RunSignUp; and/or you can read the instructions here.
  • Feel free (not mandatory) to join our Hoodoo 500 Virtual Race Facebook Group to post photos and stories about your race. If you use Instagram, #Hoodoo500VR, #Hoodoo500, #PlanetUltraCycling.


  • Just for signing up, whether you finish or not, you get a Hoodoo 500 tech tee.
  • If you complete the race, you’ll also receive the Official Finisher jersey and finisher medal, which will be mailed to you about 8 weeks after the race. Jerseys are special ordered from Blackbottoms Cyclewear post-race; and are available in unisex race cut (euro-style, tight fit), unisex club cut (more relaxed fit), IF we can make the minimums for both cuts. Otherwise just club cut.  Women’s will be club cut (sorry ladies, we generally can’t make the minimums required for womens race cut).
    We will not inventory these jerseys, so please choose your size wisely. We’re happy to help.**  
  • Digital racer bib to post to your social media or download and print to put in a prominent space as encouragement and motivation.
  • Official results will be posted to the Planet Ultra website, ranked by fastest finish times.
  • Fastest Overall Male and Female in the elite division wins a 25% discount on the next years Hoodoo 500 solo non-stop race, or 20% off another Hoodoo race division. 
  • Planet Ultra will provide lots of support, motivation, kudos and accolades for your efforts; cheering you on the entire way!

A NEW design is in the works for 2024! Will likely match the Hoodoo 500 LIVE race jersey.

**If you need help choosing your size, please send us an email with your height, weight and preference for a tight or more relaxed fit.  Jerseys are special ordered, so let’s get the size right!

Understanding Who “Wins”

This event is basically a two-week or three-week stage race. The winners are the male and female riders who finish 520 miles with 35,000′ of climbing miles with the lowest cumulative time.

Getting through the 520 miles in the fewest number of days is not the goal.

While you’re welcome to power through the miles in as few days as possible; you just might (and likely will) get beat by someone who does a fast-paced short ride each day for the 14 or 21 days. Please remember, this is a race based on ELAPSED TIME over a specified distance and elevation gain. Choose whatever strategy works best for you; keeping in mind that, ultimately, SPEED, not distance or how few days it took you to do the distance, is what counts. The Elite winner can’t be known until August 15th; the Standard winner, August 22nd. The day AFTER the last day to log rides.

Elite (14-day) Entry Fee:  $189*
Standard (21-day) Entry Fee:  $199*

Use the “Sign Me Up!” button to register with RunSignUp and pay by credit card (includes a small service fee).

*Participants outside the USA will be a little more for international shipping.