We can’t make these events happen without the help of generous and dedicated volunteers.

There are two types of volunteer positions:

1. Assist at an aid station along the route, or at the finish line. Primary duties at aid stations include setting up and taking down the aid station, making sure the table is continuously stocked with goodies, serving water and nutrition products, and occasionally helping fix a flat tire or other mechanical problem (if you have experience and knowledge with that). You must be willing and able to drive yourself to the aid station and if possible, transport a rider either up the course or back to the finish line if they’re unable to complete the ride.

2. SAG driver. Primary duties are roving the course in your own vehicle (hopefully a truck/van or otherwise equipped to carry bikes and people) and stopping to assist with flat tires or other mechanical problems. The most important aspect of driving SAG is being seen by riders so they know folks are out there for them. You must have a cell phone so that we can contact you with specific instructions if a rider needs assistance.

Our goal is have riders give back to their sport, and to also experience an event from the other side of the aid station table.

All volunteers receive a voucher to participate in a future single-day event for only $25.  (The voucher is not a $25 discount off the entry fee. It’s a full entry for only $25.)

If you’re planning to ride an event and know you can bring along someone to help out, you may email us in advance of signing up and we’ll give you a coupon code to use during registration for an instant 20% off. At the event, the volunteer you bring gets a voucher to use at a future single day event. The voucher is an entry for only $25; not a $25 discount. If the volunteer is a non-rider then YOU can have the voucher. So you get two nice deals: An instant discount for promising to bring a volunteer, and a $25 entry fee for your next event.

Volunteers who are non-riders working for the benefit of a rider may transfer the $25 event entry to the rider. Vouchers must be used within 12 months of volunteering and must be redeemed using the mail-in entry form before the standard entry period ends.*

We always need volunteers!

We cover your fuel expenses on event day if requested at the event. For “out-of-town” events, including all Solvang rides, Eastern Sierra and Hoodoo 500/300, we may cover hotel accommodations (double occupancy) for a limited number of staff. If you are traveling with an event participant we do not cover your hotel expense.

For our Solvang Spring Tour and Tour of Southern Utah, we have positions to work-half, ride-half, pay half. Primary duties include driving our support vehicle and setting up an aid station at a designated location or two. For the Utah Tour, duties also include putting luggage in hotel rooms.

*Exception: Vouchers may not be redeemed for participation in Solvang’s Finest Century & Double Century, which is a fundraiser for Challenged Athletes Foundation or Death Valley Century, which has a strict participant limit imposed by the National Park.

If you’d like to lend a hand, send an email to embassy @ planetultra.com