We’re sad (and frustrated) to report that we’ve been forced to update “Tourist” requirements/rules due to rampant cheating and other ways of taking advantage of this option in the past two years.

For 2023 and beyond, only the following rider types may request “Tourist:”

  1.  A riders with a physical disability
  2.  A rider who is recovering from a serious injury/illness (and have advised us in advance)
  3.  A rider who is over 65 years old

All other fully able-bodied riders must complete the routes within the fair and reasonable time limits (which include plenty of time for aid station stops, to fix minor mechanical issues, etc). Limit your time off the bike and you’ll have no problem finishing in time.

Event rules require everyone to begin at one of the designated start times and complete the course within the stated time limit. If a rider starts at one of the designated starts and then finishes beyond the time limit, they will be listed as Unofficial in the results and NOT receive California Triple Crown or Grand Slam credit.

If you are a person in any of the three categories listed above, and know in advance that you will require more than the stated time limit, you may request to ride as “Tourist.”  Tourist riders may start as early as 4am, and may finish after the designated cut-off (but no later than midnight or a combined time of 20 hours). To receive finisher status, and California Triple Crown credit, all Tourist Riders must sign an additional Waiver and Release of Liability at check-in (see below for content), indicating that they understand that the course is open and SAG vehicles/aid stations are available for support only during the times listed on the event route sheet. Tourist Riders agree to be self-supporting at all times before the official event start and after the official time for course closure (from aid station to aid station and at the finish). Tourist Riders are required to sign out when they start and sign in when they finish; and then provide via email a link to their electronic proof of route completion via Strava or RWGPS activity for verification.**

We are willing to consider special requests for Private SAG from riders who may have special needs including disabilities, injuries, riders over 65 years; and larger groups (8-10 riders) who believe they all need more time and plan to ride together. Please email Planet Ultra at least 5 days before the event.

**Each rider must submit their own personal electronic proof of completion, from their own route tracking device. If you use a Garmin, and it fails (which they can do), you must accept responsibility for that if you didn’t also track on your phone or secondary device.  Riders may NOT “tag” each other on routes. We will spot check riders who finish together to make sure each individual submits their own proof.  Any rider who tags someone as having ridden with them so that the rider can use their “proof” will be DQ from the event, along with the tagged rider.


In addition to the terms of the Waiver and Release of Liability signed during registration, and the General Information/Rules listed on the Planet Ultra website, I also agree to the following terms and conditions of riding in the “Tourist” division:

  1. I may start as early as 4am, by legibly printing and signing my name below and listing my departure time.
  2. To be listed as an Official Finisher, I must complete the prescribed route within 20 hours (and no later than midnight), under my own power, and list the time of my finish time below. If requested, I will show GPS data or other proof of completion.
  3. I must arrive at each aid station during the times listed on the route sheet; or take full responsibility for self-supporting. I understand the aid station times will not be extended; and once the aid station closes, there is no support on the prior section of the route.
  4. If I am behind the aid station schedule and I refuse a SAG ride or disregard advice to not proceed on route, I understand and agree that no further support will be given. If I proceed on route, I understand and agree that I do so entirely self-supported, and I am no longer part of the official event. If I choose to abandon, I will find my own way back to the start.
  5. If I am more than 10 minutes behind the closing time of any aid station on route, or I abandon the event, I will send a text to Deborah Bowling (# listed on route sheet) to advise.

I certify that I have read this document and I understand its content.