Share The Road Mileage Challenge
New Year Challenge: January 1-31, 2024
Set your INTENTION to ride lots of miles and be an AMAZING AMBASSADOR OF CYCLING!
The goal of this Challenge is to encourage riders to be respectful and courteous
to ALL other users of the road… AND

There’s a growing concern that road cycling has become less safe as drivers have become more distracted, more aggressive and more hostile towards people in lycra. Cyclists, as a group, are not entirely blameless.

Your goal for this Challenge is a change in attitude…  A way of being that focuses your energy and powers toward kindness and courtesy to both drivers and fellow cyclists, and achieving the goal of SAFELY arriving home to our families and friends.

Be the BEST POSSIBLE ambassador of cycling. Obey traffic laws. Smile at motorists. Signal your turns and lane changes. Wave at other cyclists and pedestrians. Make eye contact with drivers. Give a wave of thanks when a driver stops for you; even when it’s the LAW that they do so. Don’t blow through traffic controls or ride in a group that’s more than the legal two abreast. Encourage the best and most sporting behavior at all times. And try not to (no matter how challenging) give the finger, even if it’s well deserved. It doesn’t help.

Since we can’t actually control the improvement of your cycling mindset, our part in this Challenge is to encourage you to increase your cycling-safety factor by encouraging you to be BRIGHT AND VISIBLE to up your odds of BEING SEEN on the road. In addition to creating for you a snazzy, high-viz jersey, we offer matching shorts/bibs which you can and should match up with your bright yellow or orange socks. What you wear on your legs matters even MORE than the jersey.

We also hope you’re using a bright, blinking taillight, even during the day!

Everyone wins here. We look in the mirror and applaud the effort and small successes along the way. And we earn an awesome, LOUD, super high viz jersey that just might save your life one day.

As we all know, in every motor vehicle vs bicycle collision, the bicyclist is always the loser. What can YOU do to minimize the risk?

Be a reminder to motorists that we cyclists are human beings with the same rights (and responsibilities) to use the road and arrive safely to our destinations.

The “Share the Road” message is more important than ever these days. It sure feels like more drivers are speeding, running stop signs and signals, texting, driving intoxicated. This hit home for us in October 2022 when Planet Ultra’s own Deborah Bowling was rear-ended by a distracted and uninsured driver. Sitting on the couch recovering, it came to mind that fines/punishment of inattentive/distracted/uninsured drivers must be way greater so as to be a deterrent …

Planet Ultra is committed to increasing cycling safety through partnerships, education, legislation and infrastructure. A portion of the proceeds from this event will be donated to various cycling advocacy programs (particularly in areas where we host events), and to our favorite charities which also champion this cause.


1. Everyone who sets an intention to get out and ride while making best efforts to improve relations with motorists and other road users “earns” the Share The Road jersey by Blackbottoms Cyclewear. Our design includes all the high viz, fluorescent colors that drivers are more likely to SEE so that you make it home safely!

2. Share the Road Strava Club for all our wonderful cycling ambassadors.

3. Share the Road Facebook page to post photos in your bright gear, and feel-good stories about interactions with fellow users of the road.

Jerseys are ordered at the end of the Challenge and mailed as soon as we have them (7-8 weeks).

Please choose your size wisely.*

*If you’ like help with sizing, send us an email with your height and weight. Jerseys are “club cut,” which is a more relaxed fit.

Entry Fee: $99. Includes jersey.

Click the Share The Road button to register with RunSignUp and pay by credit card (includes a small service fee).  International riders pay a bit more for shipping.