Before you register, please understand the following: 
For many years the City of Solvang has shown no interest in hosting this event (by making it nearly impossible to obtain permits). The City of Buellton gladly grants the permits; but contingent upon the event downsizing from its pre-Covid participation numbers, and also insisting the ride starts/ends at the Marriott (the only venue with space).

The event receives no sponsorship funds. ZERO. Gone are the days of product sampling and companies setting up booths at other than huge corporate events. If you expect/require a large vendor expo, we don’t have that. But we may have a few smaller vendors. We always welcome them.

During your ride, we’ll support you will a great selection of snacks and drinks at the aid stations.

Regrettably, we are unable to offer a post-ride meal. The Marriott forbids us from bringing in food trucks or any outside catering. As we learned in 2022, the food offered by Marriott was ridiculously expensive and unsatisfying in quantity and quality. For 2023, their prices skyrocketed. Last year, a jumbo bacon-wrapped hot dog would have been $20.06; a pasta bowl with marina or alfredo sauce (no protein) and a breadstick would have been $26.75. There were a lot of complaints about the food in 2022. With soaring prices and no appealing options, we opted out in 2023; and will do so again in 2024. There’s absolutely nothing we can do about it.

There’s a decent restaurant and bar in the Marriott lobby that has good food with reasonable prices. Firestone Walker Brewery is walking distance from the Marriott. Also within walking distance are several fast/quick serve options. There are many excellent restaurant choices in Solvang. So enjoy the cycling, then explore the local eats and drinks! Most importantly, supporting the local restaurants keeps the locals happier about the event!

Earlybird Special: Sign up by January 31st and you’re entry includes an event t-shirt!

Thank you in advance for your understanding and support.

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