At this time, and for the remainder of 2020, we plan to host our relatively small, outdoor events as scheduled, beginning with our Eastern Sierra Double Century on June 6th.

We assure you that we will take reasonable measures to protect our riders and volunteers. Per the CDC, those highest at risk from COVID-19 are the elderly and persons with serious chronic medical conditions, specifically lung and cardiac conditions and diabetes. We believe it’s reasonable to rely on the fact that anyone capable or riding our centuries and double centuries should be in outstanding physical condition and superb health. We also trust that anyone exhibiting flu or cold symptoms or who has been potentially exposed to the virus will use best judgment and not attend any event. As a community, we each have the responsibility to protect each other. So please, stay home if you should.

The following are current practices being implemented by Planet Ultra, designed to reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19 or any other infectious agent to our cyclists, volunteers or to members of our host communities. These steps will help athletes achieve their goals while allowing communities to secure the benefits of hosting our events.

1. Staff and volunteers will not shake hands, and will in all ways avoid physical contact with riders.
2. No food will be prepared at SAG locations. All food served will be prepackaged (and served in the package), with the exception of bananas.
3. Staff at rest stops will wear gloves and change them frequently.
4. All drink powders will be served by way of paper cups which the rider will empty into their own water bottle and dispose of the cup.

We have always maintained clean and sanitary SAG stops and we trust these additional steps will provide an extra layer of protection.

On a personal level, we highly recommend that everyone use common sense practices including but not limited to regular hand washing (of at least 20 seconds) or regularly use an alcohol based hand rub; avoiding touching face and mouth; practicing good respiratory hygiene (cover mouth and nose when coughing/sneezing); keeping personal equipment surfaces such as handlebars, buckles, car steering wheels, shift knobs, etc. clean and wiped down; and of course, maintaining personal space.

Here is a link to the recommendations of the CDC:…/2019-nc…/communication/factsheets.html