November 2, 2024 – MESQUITE, NV
The ONLY Gran Fondo / Century where you can ride in

Nevada, Arizona and Utah!
An incredibly unique, challenging and beautiful century event.
Gran Fondo: 54 miles with 2500′ climbing
Ultimo Fondo: 100 miles with 7800′ climbing
*One hour north of Las Vegas; 4.5 hours south of Salt Lake City

General Information and Ride Rules – Please Read!

2024 Entry Fees *:
Gran Fondo – Until October 26th: $75  Thereafter $80 cash only at rider check-in.
Ultimo Fondo– Until October 26th: $105.  Thereafter $120 cash only at rider check-in.

Please read our registration and cancellation policies before signing up.

Entry includes a unique, challenging and fun day on your bicycle, traveling in 3 states; paper route sheet and links to RideWithGPS downloadable map and turn-by-turn notification; on course water/drinks and a great selection of food and snacks; slice of pie or other treat from Utah’s famous Veyo Pies; finish line refreshments; per rider donation to Life Sports Foundation

* If you’re able to recruit an event volunteer, please email us before signing up and we’ll give you a coupon code to use during registration for an instant 40% off. If you recruit the volunteer AFTER you signed up, we’ll give that volunteer a coupon for 40% discount off a future ride (which you can use if they don’t).

Click the SignUp button to pay by credit card (includes a small service fee). You may also use that button to view the registered rider list.  Please read the rules and our cancellation policy before registering.

Event jerseys may be ordered with registration. Based on small event field, jerseys will be special ordered after the ride and mailed when available. We will have a sizing kit at the event.

Check In:

Start Times:
Open start window from 7-7:30am. All riders must start during this 30 minute period. Super fast riders should start together at 7:30am.

Time Limit:
Everyone must be off course by 5pm. Along the way, if you wind up super far off the back, we may ask you to take a ride in the SAG wagon or to turn around.

Ride Description:  
Note – Route sheets are available in excel format to registered riders if requested via email between 2 weeks and 5 days before the event. However, we can’t guarantee that the route sheet will be 100% accurate. Though not anticipated, last-minute routing changes may be required. Links to the maps and download files are below.

Ultimo Fondo Route:  100 miles with about 7800′ climbing. 
Heading north from Mesquite, in just over a mile you cross the border into Arizona, and after a bit of rolling terrain, up you’ll climb – straight into Utah and to your first summit at mile 27. You’re rewarded with an incredible 7 miles of scenic descent, where you’ll get your first glimpse of the beautiful red rocks which make Southern Utah famous. Hang a left at the bottom of the hill and enjoy the rolling terrain out to Gunlock State Park. Past Gunlock you’ll continue a gradual climb to Eagle Mountain- a short, but quad busting 10-12% grade. From here it’s mostly up – finally climbing “the Wall” to the quaint town of Veyo, your next summit at mile 50, and a piece of famous Veyo Pie if you wish. Then you’ll hang a u-turn and head back the way you came. It’s mostly rollers from Veyo to “The Y.” Save something for the end! At mile 65 you’ll hit the last big climb – 7 miles on the return trip over Utah Hill. From here, it’s mostly downhill, across the border into Arizona, and finally back to Mesquite, Nevada, where you can relax, revel in your success and enjoy the celebration of a fantastic day in the saddle!

Click here to view the map and elevation profile.

Gran Fondo Route:  54 miles with about 2,500′ climbing.
The Gran Fondo is an out and back up to the summit of Utah Hill. You’ll ride the same first 27 miles as the Ultimo Fondo, then turn around, and coast nearly all the way back to Mesquite!

Navigation: This is an out-and-back course with ONE turn each way. Couldn’t be easier to navigate.

Personal SAG Vehicles:
Not allowed without permission requested in advance! If you bring one, you’ll be disqualified from the event without warning. The definition of a personal SAG is any vehicle (motor or otherwise), anywhere on the route, operated by someone other than Planet Ultra staff, that is providing any type of aid, assistance, or motivation, or taking photographs, or simply out cheering. Please understand that our permits simply don’t allow dozens of extra vehicles on the roads or at the checkpoint locations. Imagine the traffic from all those cars! If you’re bringing someone with you who wants to be out on the course, please have them contact us and join our volunteer staff.

We always need volunteers! Click here for information about positions available.