Race update (6:36 Sunday): All racers are off course and the 2012 Hoodoo 500 is complete! We’re looking forward to the celebration at the post-race banquet breakfast at 9am.

It has been an amazing weekend of racing, with new records set by our very impressive field of competitors.

Adam Bickett wins the overall and sets a new course record of 29 hours 5 minutes (while also breaking his Hoodoo PR by over 6 hours). Adam’s crew says he was off the bike for less than 20 minutes, never slept and never sat down. We honestly thought that breaking the 30 hour mark on this super tough course would never be possible… And we’re so proud of Adam for proving us wrong!

David Holt wins the Solo 50+ while breaking his own 50+ record and setting a new 60+ record of 33 hours 37 minutes.

Seana Hogan smashed her own women’s record by 3 hours 2 minutes, with an impressive new women’s (and women’s 50+) record of 37 hours 2 minutes.

Team Veloce Santiago wins the 4-Person Relay Division and shatters the 4-Man 50+ record in their oustanding time of 26 hours 46 minutes.

4-Mixed 50+ Turbodogs smash the 4-Mixed record with their super time of 29 hours 35 minutes.

2-Mixed 50+ Red’s Racing’s impressive time of 32 hours 22 minutes is a new 2-Mixed and 2-Mixed 50+ record.

Special thanks to our Hoodoo 500 staff:
Racer Check-In and Inspections: Deb & Brian Bowling, Jann Coury, Tom Jones, Mike Myers
TS1 in Kanab: Jennifer Klausner; TS3 in Escalante: Brian Bowling; TS4 in Loa: Tom Jones; TS5 in Panguitch: Logan Kimzey; Race Headquarters/Finish Line/Webcast: Deb Bowling and Jann Coury

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