MARCH 5, 2022
Iconic Southern California century ride, previously hosted by SCOR-
Re-booted, Re-newed, Re-Vitalized by Planet Ultra!



What’s Included With Entry:

Your amazing, inspiring and challenging day in Southern California’s most popular cycling area includes a commemorative and collectable rider number plate or bib; fully stocked aid stations along the route with a large selection of snacks and drinks; roving SAG support; paper route sheet and downloadable RideWithGPS files; festive finish line (with cash beer and wine bar); finisher award; per rider donation to Life Sports Foundation.

2022 Entry Fees*:

Century & Metric Century:
Until February 19:  $125
Late Entry – February 20 until noon March 1:  $135

1/2 Century:
Until February 19: $105
Late Entry – February 20 until noon March 1:  $115

Registration for all divisions closes at noon Tuesday, March 1st.** There is NO ON-SITE REGISTRATION. You must pre-register to ride. Bandits will not be tolerated (or served at aid stations).

Please read our registration and cancellation policies before signing up.

* If you’re able to recruit an event volunteer, please email us before signing up and we’ll provide a coupon code to use with online registration for an instant 50% off.

** For 2022, registration closes one week before the event. Mindful that folks might be concerned about last-minute government shut-downs; please understand that this event requires significant advance planning. Planet Ultra cannot risk dozens or more last-minute entries which could cause permitting issues, inadequate staffing and possible shortages with aid station supplies. Planet Ultra cannot afford to over-estimate by too much, or guess whether there might be a last minute surge. Please plan in advance, as Planet Ultra is doing.

Click the SignUp bottom to register online and pay by credit card (which includes a small service fee). You may also use that button to view the registered rider list. Please read our cancellation policy before registering. We highly suggest purchasing the event cancellation insurance.

Optional Registration Add-Ons:

When you sign up, you can choose some or all of these additional benefits:

•  Event jersey, made by Blackbottoms Cyclewear – $89.  Jerseys ordered before January 10th (our order date) are guaranteed for pick-up at the event. Thereafter, if we didn’t order enough in your particular size, we will re-order AFTER the event and mail it to you.

•  Event tech tee – $25

•  Post-ride meal, hosted on site by Marriott. Choice of street tacos or bacon-wrapped jumbo dog – $18




T-SHIRT IMAGE COMING SOON! Will be based on the jersey design.


Choose from three scenic and fun route distances:

Route description coming soon.

Note: The turn by turn “map” is correct. We’re still finalizing aid station locations; which may change from prior years’ route.

Route description coming soon.

Note: The turn by turn “map” is correct. We’re still finalizing aid station locations; which may change from prior years’ route.

Route description coming soon.

Note: The turn-by-turn map is correct. We’re still finalizing aid station locations; which may change from prior years’ route.


Host Hotel:
Santa Ynez Valley Marriott, 555 McMurray Road in Buellton. Click here to book online.  To reserve by phone, call (888) 236-2427 and ask for the Solvang Century group block rate of $249 (plus taxes). Our initial block at the lower rate is SOLD OUT. The new rate expires February 4th, if not already sold out (which it absolutely will do).  Please book under the event block! When we support the host hotel, they want us back the following year!

Alternative hotels:  
Hampton Inn, 600 McMurray Road in Buellton is also offering a discounted rate. Click here to book online. Rate expires February 4th if not sold out before (which it will do).

Start/Finish Location:
The start/finish line is in the parking lot at the back of the Marriott.

Rider Check-In / Packet Pickup:
Meeting space TBD on the bottom floor of the Marriott from TIME TBD Friday.


Registration Opens:  Christmas Day 2021

Standard Registration Closes; Late Fee Kicks In:  February 20

Registration Closes:  Noon March 3

Rider Check-in / Packet Pickup:
Friday, March 4 from TBDpm to TBDpm
Saturday, March 5 from TBDam to TBDam

Start Times:
  Open start window from 7am to 8:30am. No earlier starts please.
If you’re wondering what’s the best time for you, here are our suggestions:
Need 9-10 hours?  7am-7:15am
Need 7-9 hours?  7:15-7:30am
Need 6-7 hours?  7:30am-7:45am
Need under 6 hours? 7:30am-8am
If you’re super fast, sleep in. Start at 8.

Metric Century:  Open start window from 7:30-8:30am. No earlier starts please.

Half Century:  Open start window from 7:30-9am.  No earlier or later starts please.

Time Limit:
10 hours – based on the earliest start at 7am. All riders must be off the course by 5pm.


In addition to our general rules and policies, please be mindful of the following:

  • This is a ride, not a race.
  • Be safe and be courteous. We are stewards of our great sport of cycling.
  • Wear your helmet.
  • No headphones, ear buds, or other listening devices.
  • Law enforcement in all towns along the route will be watching. Please obey all “Rules of the Road’ as required by the California Vehicle Code. A bicycle is a vehicle and subject to the law.
  • Obey all signal lights and stop signs. Do not follow another group of cyclists through a stop sign or traffic light. Decide for yourself when it’s safe to proceed.
  • Share the road with cars and leave their share clear for safe driving.
  • Ride as close to the right as is safe. If it’s not safe, take the lane.
  • Ride single file as often as possible, particularly when traffic is present; but no more than 2 abreast EVER.
  • Signal or call out your turns and point out hazards to other cyclists.
  • Pass other cyclists on the left only; and call out “passing left.” NEVER pass on the right.
  • Carry an extra tube, patch kit, tools, identification and your cell phone.
  • Enjoy the scenery. Take photos and share them on social media.

When is the Solvang Century

For 2022, March 5th.  Generally speaking, the event is hosted annually on the first Saturday of March.

May I register on-site at the event?

No, sorry. You must pre-register for this event. Registration closes Wednesday at noon before ride day.

What routes are available?

There are three route options:  Century, Metric Century and Half Century.

Will there be food and water on course?

Of course! You’ll find a GREAT selection of edibles, and something special at each aid station.  You’ll not go hungry or thirsty.

May I ride an E-bike?

Yes, we love e-bikes, but with some rules:

  1. You must be self-sufficient. This means Planet Ultra does not provide SAG (on course pickup) for e-bikes. If you ride one, please make sure your route choice is appropriate for your battery life.
  2. ​Be courteous with your speed and riding style.
  3. If you use Strava, please indicate you’ve ridden an E-bike at this event. Some folks get bothered when segments are “won” by an e-bike rider.

What's the weather like?

Well, we don’t have a crystal ball…

But March is generally a beautiful time to ride in this area. That said, any type of weather, good or bad is possible. So please check the forecast before you pack and travel. Bring a variety of different layers.

Come prepared for anything from cold mornings in the 40s to warm afternoons in the 80s.

Rain is possible and wind is almost always a factor in the afternoon (although our route is designed for a tailwind on the return).

Have the conditions been challenging some years – definitely!  Have they been spectacularly beautiful other years – absolutely!

How can I volunteer?

Send us an email and let us know you’re interested in helping out or you’re bringing along a friend or family member who’d like to help on your behalf. We offer 50% entry discount for riders who recruit volunteers!

Click here for more information on volunteering.