*To Support Planet Ultra*
June 1-August 30, 2020

It’s official! A diagnosis is in! Obsessive Cycling Disorder is real. We have it. Maybe you have it too. We’ve seen the symptoms for years. It may go unnoticed at first, but once you’re infected, there’s no cure- and it’s highly contagious. Who else has caught the joy? Take note of the symptoms: A healthy and fun lifestyle, potential weight loss and muscle gain, funny tan lines.

Here’s your chance to playfully expose your habit while supporting Planet Ultra through the COVID-19 crisis by joining us for our Summer Mileage Challenge.

It has been our pleasure for over twenty years to serve the ultra community. We’ve committed ourselves to creating endurance events for a very special and exclusive audience of committed athletes- YOU! We’ve been blessed to make a modest living doing what we love to do; and hopefully bring joy and a sense of personal accomplishment into your lives. 

With the support of amazing Planet Ultra people, we’ve been able to weather the storm.

Other than virtual events and mileage challenges, we’ve not hosted an event since February. The COVID-19 crisis forced us to cancel five events, and postpone three others until Autumn. Our hands are tied, and our ability to cover operational and personal expenses, gone.

We had to be creative. Welcome to our Summer Mileage Challenge.

If being on a Strava leaderboard isn’t your cup of tea, but you’d like to lend us a hand, you can also simply SEND US SOME LOVE.


1.  “Register” for the Challenge online or with mail-in waiver. During the 3 months, you may participate in some or all of the weekly mileage periods, which run Monday-Sunday based on Strava leaderboards.

2.  Request to join the Obsessive Cycling Disorder Social Distance Challenge Strava Club. For the duration of the Challenge, your privacy settings must be set to EVERYONE, including your profile, so we can view individual activities to make sure they qualify. Only cycling counts- indoors or outdoors.

3.  If you’re not yet on Strava, please join! It’s FREE! And please post photos so we may share on Facebook.

4.  Between June 1st and August 30th, ride, ride, RIDE- while maintaining appropriate social distancing if your jurisdiction requires that. Virtual rides count, using any indoor cycling app.

5.  Each Monday during the Challenge, we’ll post mileage standings at the bottom of this page so you can see how your Obsessive Cycling Disorder compares with others. You must have all rides uploaded to Strava each Sunday by 9pm MDT. Links to the standings will be on this page and also posted to Facebook.


1. Encouragement and motivation to stay in shape during the summer while we look forward to Autumn events. Your entry fee also helps support Planet Ultra through the COVID-19 crisis and lets us stay in touch with our amazing cyclists.

2. America Strong finisher medal and refrigerator magnet. These items will be ordered at the end of June (based on participation) and mailed by mid-August, or sooner. 

3. Membership in Planet Ultra cycling club with special discounts on gear and events for the rest of 2020.

4. Discounted USA Cycling membership, with coupon code “club2020.”

5. Everyone who rides at least 200 miles in at least one of the weeks will get an OCD window sticker and be entered into a drawing to win a FREE Planet Ultra single-day event entry.

6. Everyone who rides at least a Century in a single day will get an additional chance to win a FREE Planet Ultra single-day event entry.

7. Everyone whose miles exceed 500 total, will also be entered into a drawing to win a 50% discount on a 2021 Hoodoo 500 or Hoodoo 300 solo entry or 25% on relay entry.

8.  The 3 men and 3 women with the most mileage each week, will get an additional chance to win prizes. 

9. The 3 men and 3 women with the most climbing each week, and in the final standings, will get an additional chance to win prizes.

10.  All entrants, regardless of mileage, will be entered into a drawing for prizes from our product sponsors. We’ll add more prizes as we get commitments; and will post the growing list at the bottom of this page!

Entry Fee: $60 for three months
Use the SignUp button to register with RunSignUp and pay by credit card (includes a small service fee). To pay by Venmo or Zelle, download and email this form. The email addresses for Venmo and Zelle are at the bottom of the form.

Obsessive Cycling Disorder and Make Mine A Double shirts and jerseys* and extra America Strong finisher medals may be ordered on RunSignUp or our online store.
*Shirts and Jerseys will be ordered end of June and mailed via US Mail as soon as we receive them.


Click here for Week Three (May 18-24) Mileage and Climbing Results.
Click here for Week Two (May 11-17) Mileage and Climbing Results.

Click here for Week One (May 4-10) Mileage and Climbing Results.

We’ll update this for June soon!

50% off 2020 Solo or 25% off Relay Team entry to Hoodoo 500
50% off 2020 Solo entry to Silver State 508
50% off 2020 Solo entry to Race Across Oregon
FREE individual entry to 2021 Paso Robles Cycling Festival
FREE family entry to 2021 Paso Robles Cycling Festival
Box of Gatorade Endurance Thirst Quencher Powder
Box of Gatorade Endurance Energy Gel
FREE Virtual Shout Out. Send kudos, congratulations or plain ol’ CHEER!
Kate’s Real Food organic energy bars
Rock “N’ Roll GOLD chain lube– Courtesy of Race Across America

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