Anywhere USA!
Your Choice – Road, Gravel, Mountain, Indoor Trainer
With Friends, Family or Solo
July 1-12, 2020


Ride on the road, on the trail, on the gravel, on your trainer… JUST RIDE! Anywhere USA! Wear Red, White & Blue! Show your 4th of July and community spirit! Wave to everyone you see! Take photos! Have fun!

You have the FREEDOM to choose which bike, which route, what pace. 

When you ride on July 4th, decked out in Red, White and Blue, being an enthusiastic, friendly, awesome steward of cycling, Planet Ultra will “sponsor” your ride at the following levels:

1-49 miles: 5 cents per mile
50-74 miles: 10 cents per mile
75-99 miles: 15 cents per mile
100+ miles: 20 cents per mile

“Sponsorship” funds earned may be used towards entry for any Planet Ultra 2021 event or towards your 2020 Grand Slam jersey.


1. Encouragement to stay active and motivated during these challenging times, and a means to stay connected to our endurance cycling community as we look forward to Autumn events. Your entry fee also helps support Planet Ultra through the COVID-19 crisis and lets us stay in touch with our amazing cyclists.

2. A fun pair of American Flag cycling socks. (Photo coming, as soon as we decide which brand we’re going with.)

3. Unique chance to ride as a “sponsored” Planet Ultra rider and earn money towards any 2021 Planet Ultra event entry.

4. Opportunity to ride virtual Double Century for Planet Ultra GRAND SLAM credit.

5. Discounted USA Cycling membership, with coupon code “club2020.”

6. 20% discount on RoadID, with coupon code 1MKMW5EN3ZNG.

7. Additional discounts will be emailed directly to participants at the end of this event.

8. Everyone who rides at least 200 miles between July 1-12 will get an OCD window sticker (new design) and be entered into a drawing to win a FREE Planet Ultra single-day event entry. Everyone who rides at least 300 miles between July 1-12 is also entered into a drawing to win 25% discount on 2020 Hoodoo 500 entry or 25% discount on 2020 Silver State 508.


1.  “Register” online or with mail-in waiver (see below)

2.  Request to join the Freedom Ride Strava Club. For your mileage to count, your privacy settings must be set to EVERYONE, including your profile, so we can view individual activities and photographs.

3.  If you’re not yet on Strava, please join! It’s FREE! And please post photos so we may share on Facebook.

4.  Between July 1st and July 12th; but particularly on July 4th, ride, ride, RIDE- while maintaining appropriate social distancing if your jurisdiction requires that.

5.  To earn GRAND SLAM credit, your ride must be at least 200 miles with a minimum 5,000′ climbing. Maintain social distancing minimum 6′ between cyclists if riding in a group, as often as practical. You may, of course, take photographs together. Ride outside or inside using any indoor cycling app. You have 20 hours on a single calendar day to complete the ride. Post the ride in the Strava Club with the name Virtual Grand Slam and include at least one photo of yourself. Private SAG is allowed, but no more than 10 riders in any group.

6.  We’ll keep track of your everyone’s mileage including their July 4th ride, and acknowledge everyone’s efforts here and on Facebook.

7. Mileage ridden on July 4th earns “sponsorship” discounts towards any 2021 Planet Ultra single day event or towards purchase of a GRAND SLAM jersey.

8. Socks will be ordered an mailed out in early August (or sooner). We will keep track of “sponsorship” earnings, and provide your discount code when you’re ready to register for an event next year.

Entry Fee: $45
Use the SignUp button to register with RunSignUp and pay by credit card (includes a small service fee). To pay by Venmo or Zelle, download and email this form. The email addresses for Venmo and Zelle are at the bottom of the form.

Obsessive Cycling Disorder shirts and jerseys* may be ordered on RunSignUp or our online store.
*Shirts and Jerseys ordered with registration will be ordered on July 8th and mailed via US Mail in mid to late August.