Event Date:August 17, 2019

Fire Road 100K

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August 17, 2019: Cedar City, UT

We’re super excited to host the Cedar City Fire Road 100K Gravel Grinder. This one will also have a 60K option. A similar event was held by Fire Road Cycling from 2012-2015, but it was cancelled just before the June 2016 race. A small group of us rode it as a “show and go,” and we were blown away by the awesomeness of the route! So incredibly challenging – but so much fun! Then and there we decided to keep the event alive and rebrand it as a Planet Ultra Gravel Grinder. 

The race starts in Cedar City, just 50 miles north of St. George. It’s 61 miles with 7,200′ of climbing. About 83% dirt, 17% paved. For event details and registration, click here.


Our Gravel Grinder events feature fabulous dirt roads, rideable on a gravel bike, cyclocross bike or hard-tail mountain bike. Full-suspension not needed or recommended. Deb rides a Jamis Renegade. Brian rides a Pivot Vault.

Planet Ultra People – it’s time to get dirty!